Volkswagen First GTI With Hybrid System, Built by VW Apprentices

With the Panic of European Cities Banning Petrol and Diesel cars, Petrol heads and BHP folks are at ends as to what to do with their tuned up GTI’s! Yes Be Rest Assured, VW has a solution, currently, Wolfsburg apprentices present first GTI that also features electric drive system at Wörthersee meeting !

In the past nine years, Volkswagen has been running a program that lets students aged 18 to 23-years-old design, build, and showcase custom cars at the Worthersee event in Austria. Each member of the team has a different vocation, and they work together to learn how to do the jobs they are studying for in their universities.

This year, the teams have prepared two premieres, both based on the Golf. The first of them is called the GTI First Decade, and it mates a 410 HP gasoline engine with a 12 kW electric motor that powers the rear axle.

  • Premiere 1: Golf GTI First Decade combines 410 PS (300 kW) petrol engine with 12 kW electric motor for rear and all-wheel drive
  • Premiere 2: Apprentices from Saxony present their Golf GTE Estate impulsE with 165 kW hybrid system rating

The resulting vehicle is a full hybrid that can drive on electric energy alone, on the gasoline engine only, or using both systems. A 1,960-watt sound system should be enough to make an impression at the Worthersee event.

The students from Wolfsburg made the first concept. Meanwhile, apprentices from Saxony designed the second one (based on a wagon model). Their team created the Golf GTE Estate implusE, which comes with a hybrid system that develops 165 kW (224 HP).

The first model is a two-seater with a three-color scheme with matt foils and glossy chromium decorative strips. The latter is a more practical hybrid that focused on improving its range, while also employing a distinctive paintwork.

The electric range was improved due to a battery that has a double capacity when compared to the standard car, and its five-tone matt paintwork should make it look different from any other Golf on the road.Seeing these concepts, you can begin to have faith in the possibilities brought by the young employees at Volkswagen, who seem to be just as enthusiastic about automobiles as most of us are.


The 2017 Wörthersee Team members (by training vocations): Motor vehicle mechatronics technicians: team spokesperson Eric Miguel Lehrach (21), Marvin Bömeke (23), Janik Kelm (20), Götz Riechmann (19) and Joshua Schilling (23), vehicle interior fitters: Ronja Schönfisch (18) and Sarah Isabel Schorle (18), vehicle paint technicians: Kevin Hoffmann (22) and Michelle Schmerse (21), media designer: Yasmine Weinhold (20), technical product designer: Nils Lennart Fröhlich (21), process technicians specializing in plastic and rubber engineering: Laura Hein (21) and Alexander von Czacharowski (21) as well as Holger Schülke, Project manager, and Martin Nobbe, Project coordinator and controller.
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Source and credits due to the VW Apprentices! We hope you all got one for yourselves to cruise in!