Toyota Tonka 4Runner Truck

Toyota Tonka 4Runner Truck

The SEMA Show always gives people, brands, car manufacturers to really go over the top and not be ‘punished’ for it. It’s all about bit toys, and I think you will agree that Toyota came up with the biggest one of all.

The Toyota Tonka 4Runner Truck is the result of collaboration by Toyota with Funrise Toy Corporation, manufacturer of Tonka toys. The life-size Tonka SUV joins the Tonka Tundra fire truck, as part of a unique collection; let’s just hope more vehicles are on the way.

Traveling high above, on a ten-inch Bulletproof Suspension lift-kit, the 4Runner features 20-inch Ultra Motorsports Type 250 Colossus wheels, wrapped in Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 38×15.50R20LT off-road tires. Aside from the factory 4.0-liter V6 engine, nothing on the truck has remained untouched.

Aside from the custom suspension, Bulletproof was also responsible for the vehicle’s welded bumpers, roof-rack, side steps and ladders. Furthermore, Toyota fitted the concept with a pop-up tent and Rigid Industries LED lights over each tire, which means two things: 1. you can’t miss this truck at night; and. 2. this might actually come in handy while driving over rough terrain at night. Is this a toy? I hardly think so.

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