Top 10 Badass Expedition Vehicles

With the end of the year approaching, I though it was about time we talked about some of the best vehicles around, and the first ones to come to mind are expedition vehicles. Since this is the cold season, those vehicles seem more vital than any other time of the year.

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes, but you need power and the right gear to get to where the action is. With the rise of adventure tourism, big names in the automotive industry have decided to allow customers to make their own way through nature, with campers and extreme survival automobiles. Now, feel free to add your suggestion in the comment section below, but this is my list of the 10 most badass expedition vehicles out there.

10. EcoRoamer


This American-looking beast is a house on wheels, powered by a construction-grade diesel engine. Kind to the environment and technologically advanced, this vehicle looks totally badass. However, the heavy-duty modified truck welcomes you with showers, WiFi and all the comfort you’d expect from your home away from home. Furthermore, the Ecoroamer has been equipped with a NASA-created water purifying system, allowing you to enjoy clean water no water how far you go

9. Action Mobil Atacama 7900

Action Mobil Atacama 7900

You might remember the Action Mobil, as we’ve talked about it before. The Atacamas let to the creation of a totally new industry, impressing everyone with their lounge areas and almost apartment comfort. Powered by a inline-6 diesel engine, good for around 540 hp, this beast will drive you smooth over any possible obstacle. The  good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to customize your interiors in such a way that you won’t miss home.

8. EarthRoamer XV-LT

EarthRoamer XV-LT

I’ve read about this vehicle, for the obvious reason: it looks way cool. Built around good-old American know-how, the XV-LT is based on a Ford F-550 truck and aims at being as close as possible to a camper without compromising mobility and ruggedness. Introduced back in 2003, this expedition vehicle provides decent comfort for 8 adventurers, while showing off off-roading capabilities, loads of torque, and a good night’s sleep.

7. Mercedes Benz Zetros 2733

Mercedes Benz Zetros 2733

Well, it’s a Mercedes with a diesel engine, and that’s enough for me to consider it almost indestructible. The Zetros is a beautiful piece of German engineering that will allow you to conquer the world, in style. Made for wolf hunters near Ulan Bator, where it’s below freezing nearly every day, this vehicle features a Bose sound system, ATV garage, and dual big screen TV’s. Not bad, right?

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