The Best James Bond Cars Ever

First off, it has to be said: if you haven’t seen all the James Bond movies yet, you should really make an event from it. Get some friends, gather ’round, or simply sit comfortable in bed over the weekend. No matter how or where you do it, this collection will definitely keep you on your toes. Now, that aside, I have to agree that choosing my favorite or the best Bond cars is not that easy.

Since 1962, the movie franchise went through 23 movies and seven actors, allowing 007 to sit behind the wheel of some of the finest and most exotic cars in the world. Some of us watch the movies just for that reason alone, as it’s pretty much obvious that car chases are a big part of this character’s charm.

Naturally, James Bond’s superior driving skills and gadget-master’s Q fine work cannot be beaten by just anyone. Speaking of Q, it is his odd choices that resulted in some of these vehicles becoming incredibly popular; all that Bond ever did is take possession of the cars – and ruining them by the end of the movie. Here are my 10 best James Bond cars.

10. Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV

Released in 1981, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ say Bond take part in one of his most memorable chases. We’re used to seeing Bond drive some stylish European car, but for him to give us thrills in some mundane car is a bit unusual. There’s a scene in the movie where the only car Bond (Roger Moore) can get his hands on is a yellow Citroen 2CV, that funny-looking and small city car. Still, Bond manages to elude several Peugeot 504 sedan vehicles before escaping with his life. I’m not sure who thought of this car, while making the movie, but it was a damn brilliant idea; this car will put a smile on your face instantly, but it seems that in the right hands it can really handle itself.

9. AMC Hornet

AMC Hornet

Released during a period when the auto industry was putting out some of its worst vehicles, the 1974 AMC Hornet hatchback wasn’t really an impressive one. However, James Bond movies weren’t all that great either, and when ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ came out in 1974 everyone found that out. Aside from that, the AMG managed to quickly become a star, by taking part in one of the greatest stunts ever: Bond takes it over a 52-foot jump while making a 360-degree corkscrew spin in midair. Now, that’s cool!

8. Sunbeam Alpine

Sunbeam Alpine

The James Bond film series did not start out big; they were all about low-budget creations that managed to capture our imagination. For the 1962 Dr. No, the first movie of the series, the producers could not manage to get a company to provide them with a vehicle. This is why they borrowed one from a local business person in Jamaica, where the film was shot: a Sunbeam Alpine that managed to squeeze under a crane, saving our hero’s life. Cute, but not all that deadly, right?

7. BMW 750IL


This particular vehicle is one of my all-time favorite. In 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) uses this bullet-proof and remote controlled car to escape gun-armed villains in a parking garage. This BMW model will also be seen two years later, in the first installment of the ‘Transporter’, as a 1999 BMW E38 753i. The series was produced between 1994 and 2001, and introduced xenon headlights and integrated sat-nav, but it should be mentioned that Jason Statham’s 753i benefited from an upgraded V8 engine.

6. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

In ‘Die Another Day’ (2002), bond went for the ultra-packed Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. It had the usual tack spreaders, rocket launchers and machine guns, as well as a self-flipping device and adaptive camouflage that made the vehicle invisible to the human eye. It was fast, sexy, and incredibly cool. ‘Nuff said!

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