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Triumph Street Triple 765 RS

It’s been ten years since Triumph unveiled the original Street Triple, a design and powerful ride that became an instant hit. The fresh 2017 model looks like it’s all set to do great things. Available in three main versions, the new 765cc range starts off at

1949 Triumph Trophy 500 by Bud Ekins

Now, let’s get this out of the way: this is Fonzie’s 1949 Triumph Trophy 500 Motorcycle. Everyone old enough to remember Happy Days will probably remember the iconic Henry Winkler’s “The Fonz”, and those who don’t know what I’m talking about, should really look it up. In the meantime, everyone should

Aristo-cad by Putsch Racing

If I ever have the opportunity to travel, I won’t just go back and score some sports magazines and such, to make myself rich; oh, no! I’d get my hands on the coolest cars and bikes of the era, and enjoy them in original form. It sounds crazy, I

2016 Triumph Thunderbird Commander

Dedicated bikers might remember – or appreciate – the fact that LT is the full bells and whistles version of the Triumph Thunderbird, boasting a retro look and providing a thrilling experience, as expected from a serious bike. By comparison, the new 2016 Triumph Thunderbird Commander is a very minimalist approach

Triumph Thruxton Salt Racer

As you can see an instant, the Triumph Thruxton Salt Racer isn’t your ordinary motorcycle; I mean, there’s no headlight, for starters. This is because someone built it with a certain purpose in mind, specifically for setting records at the DLRA Speedweek, on Lake Gairdner, Australia. The team behind the project

2016 Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville is a popular bike, in both stock and custom guise; it’s been heavily used as a starting point for various projects, more or less worthy of appreciation. However, it’s highly unexpected for the company itself to redesign their bike. This is the

Triumph Thruxton By Down & Out Cafe Racers

This is supposed to be one of Britain’s most notable custom shops, although people are most concerned about American-built choppers these days. Nonetheless, the talented people at Down & Out Cafe Racers are rolling out new and cool projects, such as this impressive-looking Triumph Thruxton. Designed and

Custom Triumph TFC2 Scrambler

Another day at the office, right? Well, allow me to brighten up your world a bit, but introducing you to yet another incredible motorcycle project. Triumph has unveiled a custom TFC2 Scrambler, developed as a study into what the Scrambler could become in the coming