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Porsche 991 Turbo by Wheels Boutique

People still enjoy that unique design Porsche has reinvented for years, and the cool looking Porsche 991 Turbo stands proof of that. However, that doesn’t mean that little tweaks are discouraged; far from it. So, when I get notification about some garage fiddling around with

Porsche Cayenne Turbo by Mansory

The Mansory Porsche Cayenne Turbo is actually not the most powerful vehicle to roll out the aftermarket specialist’s garage doors, although it benefits from 800 hp. It didn’t used to be so exciting to check out Mansory projects, but once they managed to acquire the Swiss

2015 Porsche 997 GT2 Shift S3ctor by Vorsteiner

Shift-S3ctor was the first organization to bring dedicated side-by-side roll racing events to the Western United States, introducing high-speed, high horsepower racing events to petrol-heads across the country. With that in mind, this 2015 Porsche 997 GT2 Shift S3ctor has its work cut out for it;

Porsche Cayenne Turbo by TechArt

TechArt’s reputation is unquestionable by now, and their new power-kit for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo could not stray away from the path laid down a while back. The Cayenne Aero Kit is also something you might be interested in; dubbed Magnum, this is one of the most aggressive

Porsche Macan by Hamann

The talented people at Hamann usually take up BMW challenges, allowing the Bavarian vehicles to be way more impressive, and menacing, as usually intended by the car manufacturer. However, this time, the aftermarket specialists have worked their magic on the Porsche Macan SUV, the smallest of Stuttgart’s 4×4 range.

Porsche Panamera by Techart

Techart came down to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on it. Porsche fans will definitely appreciate the Techart Porsche Panamera Diesel, which features a new styling-kit, which should go together perfectly with existing power-kits. The body-kit includes 2 different

Porsche Carrera GT by HRE Wheels

The amazing Porsche 918 Spyder deserves high praise, for its aesthetic design and technical innovations. However, it lacks the excitement provided by its predecessor, the Porsche Carrera GT, a supercar that is still one of the best looking rides in the world more than 10

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S by SR Auto

Does your husband love his Porsche Cayenne? I surely do not, and I don’t even own one; however, I could get used to driving this bad boy around town. The 2015 model sounds impressive, but it doesn’t look like it’s able to put its money