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1981 Moto Guzzi Le Mans by Death Machines of London

Italian motorcycle icon Moto Guzzi needs no introduction, and although still active most of us still dreaming about bikes long forgotten. The 1981 Moto Guzzi Le Mans by Death Machines of London is such an example, with their bespoke version honoring Italian racing heritage. The shop’s first creation

Lvpvs Alpha by Officine RossoPuro

Let’s just take a big breath of air and take in the interesting design cues of this bike. Dubbed Lvpvs Alpha, it doesn’t feature the coolest name around, but the bike’s looks certainly make up for that. The team at Officine RossoPuro are responsible for this modern motorcycle, based

Autoveicolo Da Montagna by Moto Guzzi

Called the Autoveicolo Da Montagna, Italian for “mountain car” the vehicle you see here was designed for the Italian Army, and it uses a full-time 3WD and a six-speed transmission.  Pretty interesting, if not odd, this 1960s Moto Guzzi creation kind of resembles a LEGO-designed vehicle, although