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2014 Mercedes E Class by MEC Design

Aftermarket specialists MEC Design have introduced a wide body-kit for the 2014 Mercedes E Class coupé, as well as for its open-top cabrio cousin. The new aero package was dubbed Cerberus, inspired by the multi-headed dog that guards the entrance of the underworld mentioned in

Mercedes G63 AMG by IMSA

IMSA aftermarket specialists have decided to tease us and reveal a new power-kit together with a bespoke body-kit for the new generation Mercedes G63 AMG. The tuned-up 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine hiding under the custom IMSA Mercedes G63 AMG now develops 730 HP (537 kW)

Mercedes S-Class by Prior Design

I can’t help but ask you: what’s your first impression after taking a glance at this custom Mercedes? Obviously, we all have to admit it’s almost impossible to stop at a glance and not wander off into full-blown staring This creation by Prior Design is

Mercedes S63 AMG by Mansory

Mansory has introduced their new tuning program for the Mercedes S63 AMG, and it is looking awesome. While you guys drool away while staring at this ride, I’m gonna go ahead and tell a bit about this impressive Mercedes. Starting with the exterior, the model