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Mercedes S-Class Rocket 900 by Brabus

I know I have been talking about Brabus projects quite often, lately, but I just can’t myself; and, neither can the aftermarket specialist. They keep coming back with new and interesting projects, which just can’t be ignored, like this Brabus Mercedes S-Class Rocket 900 – yes, it benefits from

2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S by Brabus

Whenever I take note of a new Mercedes production model announced, I immediately think about Brabus, and what their incredible work would result in, but most importantly: when will the magic happen? Well, this is one of those days, as Brabus took on the 2015 Mercedes-AMG

Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe

Brabus is always working on developing the next-level road beast, and the 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe is one project that is worthy of that nickname: beast. Based on the Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe 4MATIC, the model is the fastest and most powerful all-wheel-drive coupé on the globe.

Mercedes G63 by Progressive Autosports

Aftermarket specialists at Progressive Autosports are well-known for their most interesting wide body-kits, but this custom Mercedes G63 really stands out from the crowd. The body-kit installed on this outrageous Mercedes G63, although some might argue that this not the most subtle kit or most beautiful

Mercedes G63 AMG by PUR

Custom wheel projects are a dime o dozen nowadays; it’s tough to say if that’s a good thing or not, although some might argue that this means cheaper products available for more petrol-heads. I’d cal that a win, as I would this project developed by

Mercedes G63 AMG by Inkas

If you need protecting, this is definitely a valid option. Traveling along in luxury, while also avoiding shrapnel wounds is what the INKAS armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG limousine is all about. This extravagant vehicle features armor plating (rated to protect against 7.62 mm and 308 Winchester levels

Mercedes G65 800 Widestar by Brabus

The Mercedes G-Wagen is one of the coolest cars in the world, and one of the toughest mothers put there; that’s a universal truth. It’s also true that its reputation as a bad boy and tough off-roader has been damaged lately by cute girls, all

Mercedes ML63 AMG Inferno ‘Silver Arrow’ by TopCar

I think you guys have also noticed that the battle for the coolest SUV has been going on for here, mostly between traditional German rivals. Mercedes-Benz has its ML63 AMG while BMW comes prepared with the X5 M, although the Cayenne Turbo S is one