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2016 Geneva Motor Show – Mercedes G-Class Zeus by DMC

I’m not sure if anyone at Mercedes had a clue about the fact that the G-Class was about to become a cult classic while they were opening the factory gates. This is more than a vehicle meant for off-road fun, taking the kids to school, or for some serious shopping; in

Mercedes G-Class Zeus by DMC

German tuner DMC has finally revealed ‘Zeus’, an incredible machine developed to take on Mansory’s Gronos model, and take it down. At  first glance, DMC’s work seems to be a crude copy of Mansory’s work; as you’d expect, it comes with a full carbon-fiber wide body-kit, including a front grille, hood,

2005 Mercedes E-Class by Kleemann

These days, whatever you dream about, the car manufacturer will deliver. If you ask me, however, the SUV-range is more stylish, than off-road worthy. On the other hand, the luxury cars are trying to get faster and more interesting, resulting in a new breed. The 2005 Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes C-Class Wagon by Brabus

German tuning garage Brabus has went a different way, choosing to upgrade the Mercedes C-Class wagon. Put through a thorough program, the wagon now shows off engine tuning, a suspension upgrade, aero-kit, and custom wheels; there’s some work inside the cabin, as well.  Depending on what you drive, the Brabus Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe by Renntech

Now, the title should be enough for anyone to get excited – the same goes for owning a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe. This car is so incredibly cool, it needs no further introduction. However, the people at Renntech thought otherwise and decided that the 5.5-liter

Mercedes S-Class by Moshammer

This might just be finest looking W222 S-Class, but that’s up to debate. The Mercedes S-Class, as imagined by the team at Moshammer, was built using aero parts from TC-Concepts. It features a wide body-kit, as well as some bold alloys, allowing it to boast

Mercedes S63 Coupe by MC Customs

Miami’s own MC Customs aftermarket specialist has teamed up with Vellano Wheels to create this stunning Mercedes S63 Coupe AMG. The vehicle is now riding on a cool set of wheels, specifically built for this project, as well as on a new suspension-kit, responsible for

Mercedes G-Class Sahara Edition by Mansory

I sometimes have one of those day when purists ideas fly out the window and I’m all about hard-core and tough-looking rides. This is why, today, I think the vehicle before you is one of the most interesting cars Mansory has ever worked its magic