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2017 Geneva Motor Show – Maserati Levante by Mansory

Exciting week to say the least, with the 2017 Geneva Motor Show featuring incredible automotive projects on display, with the Maserati Levante by Mansory among them. Remember the good old days, when Ferrari and Maserati were competing and no one could touch them? Well, this project

Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² by Mansory

Some might remember that beast of a vehicle, the 6×6 Mercedes G-class that even the ‘Hamster’ on Top Gear was amazed by. However, the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² is about as ludicrous as a stock off-roader can get, difficult to ignore thanks to the barbaric body

Rolls-Royce Dawn by Mansory

It’s Friday, and the colder temperatures warn us that the time for fun in the sun is coming to an end. Before that happens, I’m thinking that a ride in this customized Rolls-Royce Dawn might be good idea for this weekend. Mansory’s bold, extrovert style, is part of the experience,

Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos by Mansory

This is Mansory’s Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos, a dangerous and stylish Italian beast that benefits from 1,250 PS. As you could imagine, the tuner went for some serious changes, including two new turbochargers, as well as plenty of carbon fiber components that make the supercar even lighter than initially intended. The exterior

Mercedes-Benz S Coupe AMG S63 Platinum Edition by Mansory

This is the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe AMG S63 Platinum Edition, the latest aftermarket effort courtesy of Mansory. There’s no doubt in my mind the S Coupe AMG S63 was already a stylish and exclusive German powerhouse, but that has never stopped Mansory from breaking all the rules

Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe by Mansory

Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe fans are about to get yet another reason to smile, and that’s Mansory’s ‘fault’. The tuner worked its magic on the German coupé, and this is what resulted: a lightweight, wide body-kit. Mansory’s GLE Coupe shows off larger air intakes, a new front spoiler with embedded

Ferrari 4XX Siracusa by Mansory

The twin-turbo Ferrari 488 GTB is a marvelous beast, and Mansory is well aware of that. This is why the skilled team went on to design and develop the 4XX Siracusa. The aftermarket specialist came up with a carbon fiber aerodynamic kit, including the split rear wing, which adds a touch of