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2017 Geneva Motor Show – Vengeance Volante by Kahn

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show saw the arrival of the Aston Martin DB9 VB9 Vengeance by Kahn, an impressive vehicle to be sure. However, the company just could not stay away, which is why this year’s edition of the show featured the Vengeance Volante. Aston Martin’s collaboration with

2016 Geneva Motor Show – Aston Martin DB9 Vengeance by Kahn

I’m sure you’ve noticed various Aston Martin designs cues from the 1980s and ’90s on this project, which is exactly what the people at Kahn were going for. The hand-built Vengeance is a representation of British designer Afzal Kahn’s lifelong concept of the ideal car, the one he’d love

Range Rover Sport HSE 400 Luxury Edition by Kahn

Kahn‘s work is always reason enough to stand still and pay attention. This particular project is spectacular and is based base on tuning company’s favorite Range Rover. The Kahn Range Rover Sport 400LE Luxury Edition features an exclusive exterior color, dubbed Aleutian Silver, along with a welcomed touch of

Land Rover Defender Double Cab Pickup by Kahn

Let’s not beat around the bush, and admit the truth. Land Rover’s new products are bit girly, to say the least. Considering that the main design consultant for the Evoque was Victoria Beckham, I think that I’ve just made my point. However, the Defender model