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Jeep Rock Rat by Haük Designs

Jeep Rock Rat by Haük Designs delivers a brutal dose of a Steampunk madness, having made everyone’s day at last year’s SEMA Show. The team at Hauk Designs has enhanced the off-road capabilities of the Wrangler, as per usual, but it seems they have really outdone themselves this

2016 New York Motor Show – Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Some people didn’t believe the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is real, but the company proved it was. This addition to the Jeep family boasts rugged good looks and serious off-road capabilities – or, so we hope – and was pat of the company’s booth at the New York

Jeep Wrangler Nomad by Starwood Motors

The Texas-based Starwood Motors garage have been unleashing beastly looking vehicles onto the roads, and off-road, for years now, and the Jeep Nomad keeps in line with said amazing work. The customized Jeep Wrangler looks menacing, and capable to handle anything the driver, or nature, throws at it. Based on a fully

Jeep Scrambler by Winslow Bent

Coming to you straight out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Jeep Scrambler by Winslow Bent is one of the biggest influences on American culture – and not only. This is a new line of custom Jeep Scrambler vehicles, re-imagined and redesigned to offer the 21st century a taste of a past legend. You better

Jeep Mighty FC Concept

I’m usually more attracted to muscle-cars and all-around powerful vehicle, both on aesthetic as well as on a technical level. Well, this blue beast fits the description, doesn’t it? Some may consider it ugly or overdone, but I think the Jeep Mighty FC Concept vehicle

Jeep Chief Concept

I don’t consider myself a Jeep fan – or an SUV fan, for that matter, but old-school rugged vehicles have always got me excited; you know, rides like Ford Bronco or old Ford pick-up truck, and so on. You can easily imagine me losing my

Jeep Terra Crawler by RCH Designs

Jeeps all have a rugged, basic look to them – which is why they are all so appreciated worldwide. However, when creating impressive custom builds, things quickly become somewhat difficult, no matter how talented of a designer tries to improve upon the famous concept. However, it

Jeep JK-8 Pick-Up by Mopar

Jeep fans, rejoice! We all know Wranglers are the ideal vehicle for exploring the back-country. Some might find flaws within the idea behind it, but that’s not relevant right now. However, even those picky petrol-heads might get excited by this news: Mopar came up with