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BMW M4 by Hamann

The Gumball3000 Rally may have been long gone, but it’s effect on people could never be forgotten. German tuner Hamann seems to make that painfully obvious, as they have prepared a new wide body BMW M4 specifically for the aforementioned event. BMW M4 has been the subject of

Porsche Macan by Hamann

The talented people at Hamann usually take up BMW challenges, allowing the Bavarian vehicles to be way more impressive, and menacing, as usually intended by the car manufacturer. However, this time, the aftermarket specialists have worked their magic on the Porsche Macan SUV, the smallest of Stuttgart’s 4×4 range.

BMW M4 Convertible by Hamann

German tuner Hamann is always looking for new ways to make us day-dream about their projects. Here they are, yet again, introducing their version of a BME M4 Convertible. This customized vehicle features all the company’s range of wheels, and it’s difficult to say which

BMW X4 by Hamann

Hamann has announced it has everything you need for your BMW X4, and you can easily judge by these pictures, their project is quite the head-turner. The tuner just published a set of photos of the new car, riding on their trademark wheels, and made

BMW M5 Mi5Sion by Hamann

I”m not sure what you think about it – feel free to tell me in the comment section below, but this might actually be the best looking custom F10 BMW M5 in the world. I’m talking about Hamann’s M5 Mi5Sion, and this is not a

BMW X6 by Hamann

The new BMW X6 is not the most stylish vehicle you’ll get your eyes on. Some even claim that the new model is just as ugly as the old one, but I guess it’s all about personal preferences. However, that topic is easily forgotten once