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Range Rover Evoque Convertible by Hamann

Land Rover has gone for a bold move when releasing the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, which is why you don’t see all that many on the roads – maybe because ladies keep forgetting Victoria Beckham had a say in the design of this vehicle. Nonetheless,

BMW M2 by Hamann

Who here welcomes any and all news and projects from Hamann? I’m going to go ahead and presume we all do, which is why we are now focusing on their package, designed and developed for the BMW M2. BMW M2 by Hamann starts off as an

Hamann BMW M3 by DS Automobile

White seems to be one shade that mesmerizes everyone, no matter what vehicle it is covering. This Hamann BMW M3, touched by DS Automobile madness, seems to fit the profile, with the Swiss shop improving upon Hamann’s project. As if various Hamann aesthetic goodies weren’t

2017 Range Rover Evoque by Hamann

Although the German tuner usually delivers some outrageous BMW projects, this time the team went for the 2017 Range Rover Evoque. Hamann developed a wide body-kit, for both 3 and 5-door versions, comprising a new front skirt with LED daytime running lights, front and rear wing extensions, side sills and the centered

BMW X4 & BMW X6 by Hamann

Hamann went for a double feature, this time, with the well-known garage revealing two stunning new BMW projects, based on the X4 and X6 models. Feature extensive tuning and mods, the vehicles not only look better but feel more exciting due to increased performance and speeds. Both of the models are

2016 Geneva Motor Show – Porsche Macan by Hamann

You might remember me talking about the Porsche Macan by Hamann a while back; if not, feel free to check it out. Regardless, any project bearing the Hamann logo is interesting, which is why their stand at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 should not have been ignored. The German company

Porsche Macan by Hamann

Hamann Macan is what some people might call this, although it’s not a new or forgotten language, nor is it a strange incantation. They’re referring to the latest vehicle to roll out the gates of tuning house Hamann, a Porsche Macan. Originally intended for suburban shopping center parking lots, this small

BMW X6 M by Hamann

The controversial and beastly looking BMW F86 X6 M is beautiful, or not, but one thing’s for sure: it’s definitely impressive, powerful and confident. Considering the exclusive exterior color Long Beach Blue Metallic, this X6 M seems to be the ideal starting point for any aftermarket specialist. As such,