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Brabus 850 XL

The Brabus 850 XL before you packs an impressive upgrade, with drivers set to experience 850 hp and the overall amazing vibe of all Brabus cars. Tthe tuned version of the GLS 63 benefits from Brabus’ 850 6.0 Biturbo engine, which produces over 300 hp more

Brabus G850

The Brabus G850 is an outrageous vehicle, as are all projects rolling out the tuner’s garage. One of the world’s most powerful SUVs, this thing benefits from 850 PS and 1,450 Nm (1,069 lb-ft) of torque, enabling it to do 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds flat. Equipped with the

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 by Brabus

Brabus is more than capable of taking on any Mercedes vehicle, and next in line was the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. The pro shop went on to tweak the 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine; as a result, it now develops 700 PS (690 hp) and 960 Nm (708 lb-ft) of torque – 115 PS (114

Tesla Model S by Brabus

Brabus has some serious skills when it comes to upgrading and improving upon Mercedes-Benz work. However, when they decided to develop a thorough tuning programs for a  Tesla Model S, things got interesting. The German tuning company focused on improving aerodynamic and aesthetic features, since the electric motor underneath is out of the tuner’s

Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio by Brabus

Is there any point in describing Brabus projects as being outrageous, unique and brutally powerful? I’m thinking not, everyone knows by now their vehicles stand no comparison; nonetheless, all of these attributes seem to fit right as home within this customized Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio. The stylish

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport by Brabus

Mercedes fans, and not only, are perfectly aware that there are various choices regarding the C-class model; fast, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, this seems like the ideal starting point for a new Brabus project. The well-known tuning shop has developed an aftermarket package, aiming at closing the

2016 Geneva Motor Show – Smart Fortwo by Brabus

To me, small cars are funny and worth thrashing around; beyond that, I do not understand their purpose. The Smart ForTwo is somewhat of an expensive toy, meant for urban living; however, its short wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive and firm suspensions might make this a possible fun machine – if you

Brabus Rocket 900

No one expected Brabus to be missing out on the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, and the tuner met expectations by showing off the Brabus Rocket 900. The car is not really a novelty, although it’s only now that they’ve announced pricing and more detail about the project. Battling for the throne of the