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BMW Bavarian Fistfighter by Rough Crafts

This is the BMW Bavarian Fistfighter by Rough Crafts; I guess the name says it all, until you get a glimpse of it, that is. This was once a BMW R nineT, before it was redesigned by Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh. Featuring an all-new level of aggressiveness, the bike boasts

BMW M3 by Permaisuri

The BMW F80 M3 is a daily driver, but not an ordinary one; the performance-oriented vehicle is spacious, comfortable, and incredibly fast. However, some of the M3 drivers, if not all of them, are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve their ride: enter this customized BMW M3 by Permaisuri.

BMW M6 GT3 by Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport set out to transform two BMW M6 GT3 cars last year, for the 2016 24 Hours at Daytona. Part of the new homologated GT3 spec class, their vehicles are currently being prepared, and so are their liveries. The Turner Motorsport No. 97 BMW M6 GT3 will be driven by Michael Marsal

BMW M4 Convertible by Dahler

Looking at this dark and cool BMW M4, I instantly conclude it’s fast, menacing, and right up my alley. So, I start to wonder: why did the people at Dahler thought some extra grunt was the way to go? The M4 convertible benefits from 425 hp and a 0 to

BMW M6 Convertible by Noelle Motors

German tuners at Noelle Motors were displeased with the latest BMW M6 Convertible and its offering. As such, they went ahead and imagined some mods, under the lead of Karl-Otto Noelle – former head of engine development at Alpina. This all sounds promising already, doesn’t it? Well, you tell

1985 BMW 535i Rusty Slammington

Some say they’re not BMW fans, and that the car manufacturer has strayed from its tough and stylish roots. Who am I to argue with that? I will say, however, that I don’t care who you are: you will love this 1985 BMW 535i Rusty Slammington,

BMW M4 by Impressive Wrap

Another day, another custom project; well, it could be worse, right? It seems that wrapped cars are becoming somewhat of a popular fashion accessory, although not many are worthy of attention. However, this BMW M4 though might just make a difference. Wrapped by the talented people at

BMW M6 GTS-V by Vorsteiner

American-based Vorsteiner needs no introduction, but this project of theirs does. The tuner has developed a new visual and aerodynamic package for the BMW M6, dubbed the Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW M6. As of now, the vehicle shows off three eye-catching new visual elements, adding even more aggressiveness to the