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BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports

More and more BMW M4 vehicles are passing us by on the public roads, and there’s nothing wrong about that. However, the desire to further customize our cars is perfectly natural, although expensive  Numerous aftermarket projects and garages are constantly hitting the scene, offering M4

2015 BMW M3 & BMW M4 by 3D Design

The 2015 BMW M3 & BMW M4 are already awesome rides; sure, some of you love Audi, Porsche or Lamborghini. Let’s not argue about that, and instead focus on the fact  that petrol-heads are never satisfied – enter tuning firms. The 3D Design garage is


Ever since the latest-generation BMW M3 and M4 were launched in the United States, starting to land on driveways everywhere, various examples have been fitted with aftermarket body-kits, power upgrades and incredible aftermarket wheels. There’s no point in explaining why, so let’;s just get down

BMW M4 by Mode Carbon

The BMW M4 is one stylish ride, I’m assure everyone agrees. Since it’s arrival on the scene, there have been several tuning companies that have created aftermarket parts for the new sporty coupé. Let’s talk about Mode Carbon and their take on the Bavarian vehicle,

BMW M4 GTRS4 by Vorsteiner

Do you guys think that Vorsteiner’s GTRS4 wide-body package for the BMW M4 needs any help to stand out? Neither do I, but I guess a Yas Marina Blue shade and red alloys will definitely help out with that. Feel free to add in your