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2015 BMW M4 Interlagos Blue by Vorsteiner

Yup, it’s that time of the day – basking in the shadow of yet another Vorsteiner project; let’s ignore for a moment that we’ve just talked about another Bavarian vehicle, shall we? Vorsteiner describes this color as Interlagos Blue, but I’m just gonna go ahead and

BMW M4 by Alpha-N Performance

Alpha-N Performance is a tuning garage we don’t talk about as often as we should. However, when I hear something about a new project rolling out their shop, I focus my attention on the wonderful results. It would seem that their focus was on the BMW M4 coupé, and the gallery

BMW M4 by Supreme Power

Ever wondered what Supreme Power is capable of doing for the BMW M3/M4? You should know the answer to that question by now, but just in case: here is a BMW M4, showing off a selection of aftermarket parts. Based on a Black Sapphire BMW M4, this project is all about attention

BMW M4 Convertible by Dahler

Looking at this dark and cool BMW M4, I instantly conclude it’s fast, menacing, and right up my alley. So, I start to wonder: why did the people at Dahler thought some extra grunt was the way to go? The M4 convertible benefits from 425 hp and a 0 to

BMW M4 by Impressive Wrap

The BMW M4 has been blowing our minds since the moment it’s been revealed. Tuners absolutely love it, and why not? It’s a great place to start an incredible project, although some might work harder than others, depending on what they’ve been dreaming off. I’m

BMW M4 Coupe M Performance

BMW couldn’t have missed the SEMA show, and they really had us shivering in waiting for their, as this is no event for ordinary vehicles. With that in mind, the car manufacturer has prepared a new batch of M Performance accessories for the BMW M4

2015 BMW M4 V-FF 103 by Vorsteiner

People always say they hate Monday mornings, but that just sounds silly to me. To hate a new beginning, no matter when it comes up, seems like a waste of time, and so does complaining about it. It may be Thursday today, but you either

BMW M4 Coupe by TAG Motorsports

TAG Motorsports have kept busy and, after getting their hands on this particularly cool Mineral White BMW M4, they decided to prove just how busy indeed. Thheir latest custom project features high-quality aftermarket aero parts, as well as performance upgrades. Sadly there are no power upgrades to talk about,