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Hamann BMW M3 by DS Automobile

White seems to be one shade that mesmerizes everyone, no matter what vehicle it is covering. This Hamann BMW M3, touched by DS Automobile madness, seems to fit the profile, with the Swiss shop improving upon Hamann’s project. As if various Hamann aesthetic goodies weren’t

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Aggressive aftermarket parts are now available, as long as you’re willing to pay the price for them, at various shops and specialists around the world. This BMW M3 certainly shows off some of the choices owners can make, meant to enhance the sportiness of the

BMW M3 RS E9X by G-Power

There’s always time to admire Germany-based aftermarket specialists at G-Power and their incredible projects. They’ve developed one more good-looking kit to be fitted onto the timeless BMW M3 E92. The BMW M3 RS E9X by G-Power may be old to some, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cooler. The V8 engine hiding under the


This will probably not be the first customized BMW M3 you’ll see this week, or ever, but the people at HRE always get me drooling over every single of their project; so, I though: why break tradition today? The Atlantis Blue M3 that sits before you brags about an unique

BMW M3 Coupe by Fostla

We’ve seen our share of unique and cool BMW vehicles, but I doubt it gets any cooler than Fostla’s project. The BMW M3 Coupe you see here benefits from the German tuning company’s crazy touch – which is not to be confused for that of Midas. The shop added a full vinyl

BMW M3 by Sonic MS

This BMW F80 M3 is an odd blend of stealthy looks and custom work that was meant to make it stand out from a crowd. Imagined and designed by the folks at Sonic MS, this BMW M3 shows off an OEM Mineral Gray look, along with the shop’s full PSM Dynamic carbon fiber

BMW 30 Years M3

It’s been 30 years since the master of all that is BMW was launched; I’m talking about the BMW E30 series, my favorite BMW ever and quite possibly one of the best cars to ever roll out of a factory assembly line. Now, the original E30 M3 is being

1989 BMW M3 E30 Johnny Cecotto Edition

It’s no secret that the E30 is my favorite BMW cars ever, so you could imagine my excitement when I found out this rare 1989 BMW M3 E30 Johnny Cecotto was looking for a new owner. Sure, it has changed ‘hands’ back in late February, but