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BMW i8 by Vorsteiner

Everybody needs a time off, and this is mine; although I’m away, enjoying quality time with my family and friends, I’ve left you with some cool cars and pics to keep you company. It’s only natural to find things you haven’t managed to cover, and

BMW i8 by Vorsteiner

Adding custom touches or tweaks to the BMW i8 has become a popular game; sure, the advances hybrid sportscar is a marvel and deserves the attention, but it’s not really the first thing to come to mind when you think aftermarket projects. Here we have a BMW i8

2016 Paris Motor Show – BMW i8 CrossFade Concept

Garage Italia Customs joined forces with the Bavarians to display a unique version of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 models at the Paris Motor Show. The i3 and i8 CrossFade concepts aren’t just for show; a BMW i8 CrossFade will soon be passing you by, as soon as 2017. The

BMW i8 Protonic Silver Edition

There’s little time left until our hears will go mad and our minds won’t be able to handle the awesomeness of the upcoming Paris Motor Show. There’ll be no shortage of coolness at the BMW stand, that’s for sure, which will be showing off – among other things


It’s totally by accident, I assure’ but, once I stumbled upon yet another interesting BMW i8 I just had to show it off. The result of hard work by the team at ENERGY MOTOR SPORT, the BMW i8 CYBER EDITION is an unrecognizable futuristic object – UFO – that

Etos by Rinspeed

Some might remember this incredible concept being teased a while back, but Switzerland-based specialists at Rinspeed have revealed the „Ʃtos“ hybrid sports car, and it’s simply mesmerizing. The skilled team is well known for focusing on interesting themes in the automotive world by designing and developing unique creations. They’ve decided

BMW i8 by Vorsteiner

We all know that the BMW i8 is an extravagant and futuristic car, which is why it receives so much attention years after it has been officially revealed. With that in mind, some people consider that aesthetic updates are most welcome, which is why big names such as Vorsteriner enhance

BMW i8 Celebration Edition

BMW’s standard plug-in hybrid i8 sports cars can be ordered in one of magical paint-jobs – unless you live in the UK. However, Japan-based enthusiasts benefit from a limited-time offer as BMW’s Japanese division decided to commemorate the car maker’s 100th anniversary and allow them to enjoy the “Celebration Edition”