Volkswagen Beetle Alpera Tulpar by A.Deniz ÖZBARLI

I love the Beetle, and I’m not talking about all these new versions. That classic Porsche design is unique, simple and stylish. Designer A. Deniz Ozbarli plans on impressing me and making me change my mind; he has taken the Beetle Volkswagen legacy and turned

1995 BMW R100 Scrambler by Retro Moto

It’s all about time, if you think about it: school, fun, life in general. So, I have to ask: what can you do in two weeks? Possibly read a book, or go through a crash course, or maybe lose some weight. Some people are able

1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda

Here we are, talking about the unicorn of muscle car; if you see one of these passing you by, you’re either dreaming or extremely lucky. But what about the people behind the driver’s wheel? I guess we all must admit that, when it comes to

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection

Who could deny that they love some pampering every now and then? What better way to achieve such high purpose than by getting your hands on a Rolls-Royce? The luxury auto makers have officially pulled the curtain back on the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection,

BMW M6 GranCoupe by Prior Design

After getting me all excited with some incredibly sexy curves – and, yes, I am talking about sexy babes – the guys at Prior Design make my day once again. Sure, this time they get me in a good mood and make me daydream about

Ducati Indiana IndySS by Analog Motorcycles

The Ducati Indiana is not a well-known bike among aficionados, mostly due to the fact that it had a rather short presence in the European markets – around 2,300 units produced. Introduced at the Milan show in 1985, this rare and pretentious bike is a


There’s more than one car to drool at when you’re at the SEMA Show. With more than 2 million square feet of space and literally thousands of tuned vehicles, this experience can get overwhelming; this means that plenty of exhibits to go by unnoticed. The

Porsche 935 Street

I’m going to order myself a Porsche straight from the factory; if only, right? Those of you with deeper pockets can afford much more than that, specifically something a little more extreme and significantly rarer; that’s for Porsche Exclusive is for. I guess this cool