Maybach 57 S Coupe by Xenatec

MMaybach 57 S Coupe by Xenatec

I’m guessing everyone remembers the Maybach 57 S Coupe converted by Xenatec? No matter, since the vehicle is always worth a second glance. Better still, it seems that the Maybach coupe will make a comeback. It won’t be called Xenatec anymore, but DC Dream Cars wants to take the legacy further.

Although Xenatec went out of business, the garage received special approval from Daimler before starting morphing the Maybach 57 into a bespoke coupe. Back in 2011, Xenatec planned to build and sell 200 units; each at a cost of £595,000 (€811,132/$ 882,625); they failed, but DC Dream Cars are here to take a crack at it.

They will start with the 6.0-liter V12 powering the Maybach 57 S Coupc, which will be tuned-up according to customer request. That’s a bit strange, considering the engine packs 630 HP and 737 lb-ft (999 Nm) of torque, but I guess more is always better. Please note that, if you can afford it, the car will take around 3 months to reach your driveway. If you’re in a hurry, and have €1 million ($1,08 million) to spare, you can buy this white Maybach 57 S Coupe right now; or, you could go for the black one with 1,000 km on the odometer (€590,000, $641,000). So, what’s it gonna be?

Maybach 57 S Coupe by Xenatec