Dodge Viper vs. Stylish Babe

Dodge Viper vs Stylish Babe

I usually hate long stories, and this is the case right here. What’s there to be said?  the mighty Dodge Viper is gone, although I can still remember the first time I got a glimpse of it; I remember looking at it, totally impressed, and thinking about how cool this beastly looking American-made car is. Sure, this blue Dodge Viper isn’t a first-edition (first series), the one I was thinking about, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And, to be perfectly honest, the gorgeous brunette babe, with her teasing red dress and sexy long legs doesn’t hurt the overall ‘package’ either. If she’s the one driving this beast on a daily basis, I’m over the top.

The third generation Dodge Viper added a fresh touch to the Viper nameplate, although it was a sad moment when they realized that sheer size and a massive engine isn’t enough to get praise and customers, any more. We want way more than that, which sometimes is a good thing, other times it’s not; it all depends on what side of the bed we wake up on, am I right? But, forget about all that and focus on the gallery below. I’m quite sure that your day will be significantly improved. Take a break!


Dodge Viper vs Stylish Babe

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