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Tesla Model X Off-Road Conversion Looks like the Real Deal

However, no matter how hard Tesla tried, there is one thing it won’t be able to do anything about until the Model X gets to its next generation, and that is the exterior design. One definitely doesn’t buy the X for its looks, but rather

NEVS Releases Self-Driving Concept Configurable on the Fly

It’s long been postulated that brand identity will also suffer for a while as a result of all this, until car companies switch focus to something else, such as interior comfort, design, and features. National Electric Vehicle Sweden (or NEVS) decided to skip directly to

Nissan Frontier Gets The Attack Concept Treatment In Latin America

What the Europeans call Navara, the Americas get as the Frontier. And for whatever reason, the U.S. missises on the mid-size pickup truck because the Navara sold in Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is, in fact, the old-generation model. Further south,