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2018 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Sedan Gets AMG’s Big Torquey Twelve

Daimler has been adamant for some time that it won’t do an AMG Maybach. They’re two separate pillars atop the Mercedes range, we’re told. So how does the German automaker satisfy those demanding customers accustomed to the idea of paying to have their way? An

2030 Mercedes – Maybach

Since this Luxury Coupe design study was envisioned for the next decade, it’s not completely absurd to envision a self-driving Maybach. The designer behind this so-called Mercedes-Maybach ECHO concept, is Hawan Park, who managed to sketch a car that looks both futuristic as well as expensive,


This year is already turning out to be a one for the books for Mercedes-AMG. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is set to kick off here within a few weeks and Mercedes-AMG is celebrating their 50 Anniversary. Thankfully for us, those two events synchronized is

Brabus 850 XL

The Brabus 850 XL before you packs an impressive upgrade, with drivers set to experience 850 hp and the overall amazing vibe of all Brabus cars. Tthe tuned version of the GLS 63 benefits from Brabus’ 850 6.0 Biturbo engine, which produces over 300 hp more

Mercedes GLS by LARTE Design

Mercedes GLS by LARTE Design starts off from a vehicle that is not very stylish or exciting but manages to end up looking quite bold – to say the least. The specialists at Larte Design have been known to design an outrageous body kit or

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe by Fostla & Prior Design

Looking way scarier than the standard S63, the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe by Fostla & Prior Design is what Fast & Furious fans usually dream about. The German tuning company;s possibly craziest S63 project yet, this thing features a satin Chrome Orange wrap and has been