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2016 Detroit Motor Show – The Girls

It’s Monday, it’s early and it’s freezing; after getting my self closer to a cold than ever, while cleaning the snow off my car, and the driving to work through a traffic jam, I really needed something to warm up my heart – and all the

Madison Bontempo vs. 1988 Porsche 911

First off, let me make some things perfectly clear: 1. I love cars more than babes, and real petrol-heads understand why. 2. I’ve had a tough day at the office, so I believe I deserve a bit of a treat. 3. This is my kind

Dodge Challenger by K8 Car Photography

In the timeless question for all guys out there: what would you go for, a hot chick or a fast ride? Well, how about not having to choose? This is Marie Najjar, prancing about close to a a white Dodge Challenger. This Lebanon photo-shoot was

Hot Girls of Prior Design Spain

Prior Design is one of the best tuners out there, at this moment. They usually come up with some outrageous designs and upgrades, but this particular post isn’t about that; oh, no! The garage also has the nicest hot girls advertising their products – a.k.a. booth babes