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1968 Morris Cooper 1000

The Mark II Mini was launched at the 1967 British Motor Show, improving upon an already classic and very popular design. The Mark II featured a redesigned grille, a larger rear window and many cosmetic changes, and by the end production was over, a total

1961 Ducati 175 Super Sport

We do sometimes get lazy; I know I do, and with that in mind, I’m hoping some of you will excuse me for trying to hide that and distract you with a set of wonderful picture and a sexy babe, teasing our eye muscles and probably cardiac

Volkwagen Golf GTI Clubsport by Oxigin Wheels

If you had a long, boring day, think nothing of it; I got your back. This year’s Worthersee event promises to be the most exciting one yet, with some of the projects designed for said event already teasing us on different Social Media platforms or websites. This Volkwagen

Ferrar Enzo vs. Hot Blonde

Making a hot-blooded man choose between this gorgeous blonde babe and that superb Ferrari Enzo would be the living definition of Hell. However, we are not  faced with that decision, the Ferrari we can’t afford, while the sexy babe is virtually unreachable; at least, this is true in

2016 Geneva Motor Show – The Girls

It’s finally that time of the year, when we try to keep up – figuratively, and literally – with the incredible events and launches at the Geneva Motor Show. Any world class motor show is not worthy of attention, regardless of the cool and impressive automotive marvels

Dodge Viper vs. Stylish Babe

I usually hate long stories, and this is the case right here. What’s there to be said?  the mighty Dodge Viper is gone, although I can still remember the first time I got a glimpse of it; I remember looking at it, totally impressed, and thinking about

Ferrari California T

I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m freezing over here. So, what better excuse and time for us to start the week than by going out for a drive in the countryside, in a good sports car. Sure, that’s a lunch-time dream, obviously; but, if you’re gonna

Audi S3 by Vorsteiner

Let’s just be honest for a second: I don’t go to auto shows to look for hot women, or someone to talk to, I do it to get that much needed dose of car substance. However, sexy babes are an added and welcomed bonus all boys appreciate