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Bertha Benz Gets Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame

The evening of July 21, 2016, will forever be remembered by Mercedes-Benz historians as the time when Bertha Benz was finally inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame, approximately 32 years after her more famous husband received the same distinction. 7 photos For those that

The Porsche 912 Turns 50 in 2016, Gets a Nice Anniversary Book

Back in the early 1960s, when Porsche was developing the 911 as a larger, more powerful and more luxurious replacement for the 356, a few high-ranking executives from Stuttgart got stung by the “what if they won’t like it?” virus. 11 photos Afraid that the

Honda Hits 261.875 MPH With 660 cc-Powered Vehicle at Bonneville

See the aerodynamically conscious vehicle in the featured photograph? It is powered by the 660 cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine from the S660, a kei car-sized roadster that tips the scales at 1,830 pounds (830 kilograms). In this application, the 63 HP unit is good for

Nurburgring Changes Ticket System, Introduces QR Codes

The world’s most demanding track, the Nurburgring, will have a different pricing scheme for the 2017 season. 10 photos If we were to examine the situation, it appears that the new program is here to stay for many years, so keep reading if you are