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2016 Detroit Motor Show – 2017 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion isn’t your most exciting Big Oval model out there, but it’s certainly worth a second glance. Introduced at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show, the 2017 Fusion Sport model benefits from 325 hp and 350 pound-feet of torque, sent to all fours. Does that sound interesting? The powerful Sport model leads the refreshed

2016 Detroit Motor Show – Ford Mustang GT California Special

The Detroit Motor Show 2016 played host to a long list of car manufacturers and players on the market; but, this is Motor City we’re talking about, which means muscle-cars could not be avoided, nor should they have. Ford used the Detroit show to show off their latest

2016 Detroit Motor Show – Nissan Titan Warrior Concept

Nissan showed up at Detroit with the Titan Warrior concept – a more aggressive pickup truck, with high performance off-road capabilities. The ride height was increased by 3 inches and a set of 37-inch off-road tires was fitted onto dark-matte machined aluminum wheels. There’s also a long-travel suspension, which meant that the

2016 Detroit Motor Show – KIA Telluride SUV Concept

KIA revealed the Telluride SUV concept in Detroit, a large, muscular 7-seater crossover standing out for two reasons: 1. the suicide doors, and 2. this is an exercise study. KIA is looking for new ways of providing SUVs more aggressiveness and high-tech gadgets and features. As such, the Korean company wants to

2016 Detroit Motor Show – Buick Avista Concept

I’m sure you will admit no one was thinking about checking out the Buick stand when heading out for the Detroit Motor Show. However, the brand is worthy of at least a slice of your attention, as they’ve introduced the Buick Avista Concept. It’s kind of difficult to

2016 Detroit Motor Show – 2017 Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupe

Infiniti could not miss out on the Detroit Auto Show, where they revealed the coupé version of the Q50 sedan, the Q60 Sports Coupe. The new Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupe is showing off some mighty muscular design cues mixed together with some stylish lines – the kind

2016 Detroit Motor Show – VLF Force 1

Former GM boss Bob Lutz and famous car designer Henrik Fisker have joined forces, only to take the Detroit Motor Show by storm with their project: the VLF Force 1 V10 sports car. Based on that very aggressive Viper, this is a two-seat, all carbon fiber car meant to make