Alta Motors Redshift ST

Alta Motors Redshift

Everyone’s heard about the team at Zero Motorcycles, although some should also focus on Alta Motors and their work as well. The motorcycle manufacturer has introduced a new version of its flagship Redshift, the Alta Motors Redshift ST is meant to take over the market and the streets.

The Redshift ST is the product of a small electric motorcycle startup, based in Silicon Valley and funded by Tesla co-founders Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard – among others. Their street-legal Redshift SM starts off at $15,500, while the supermoto Redshift MX will cost you $15,000.

Alta Motors Redshift

This dirt track racer made street legal features a new lowered subframe and seat, with flat track wheels keeping everything in line. There isn’t all that much info to go on, no performance figures and such, with everyone expecting similar features to the other Redshift bikes.

With that in mind, it’s worth remembering that the street-legal Redshift SM packs a 5.8 kWh battery that offers 50 miles of range. Let’s just hope that those numbers have ben improved, although I have to admit that a bike without the rumble of a petrol-powered engine seems boring to me.

Alta Motors Redshift

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