car substance

After coming up with all sorts of cool stuff for you guys to enjoy and be inspired by, I decided it was about time petrolheads got their own page. This page is meant to keep you guys up to date with all things driving on roads today: new cars, tuned-up rides and custom-built motorcycles. If you’re all about grease, speed and driving around, with no good reason, than you’d better stay and keep up with our posts.

Behind the scenes

neo is the owner and CEO of CarSubstance.com. He started the site because he wanted to do something cool and fun for a living and follow he’s passion for fast rides and awesome projects – basically, anything involving an internal-combustion engine. He’s outgoing, funny and loves working out and listening to good music. Whenever he’s not doing any of that, he’s reading the latest news around the world and working hard on sharing the most interesting stuff with you people.


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