2030 Mercedes – Maybach

Since this Luxury Coupe design study was envisioned for the next decade, it’s not completely absurd to envision a self-driving Maybach. The designer behind this so-called Mercedes-Maybach ECHO concept, is Hawan Park, who managed to sketch a car that looks both futuristic as well as expensive, while also explaining how the vehicle’s wooden core helps disperse sound.

Wood is of course the material of choice for the interior of concert halls, featuring unique mechanical and acoustical properties, which is why it’s also used to make musical instruments.

There are a few other features worth mentioning regarding this concept, such as its hologram projector positioned just in front of the cockpit, the gull-wing doors, but also the flexible seat suspension.

In terms of design, the car certainly looks like it belongs in a sci-fi flick, and the fact that you’re sitting so far away from the front adds a dynamic touch.

While this render represents a concept, we’d love to see it morph into more of a production model, even if it would only be a digital one.