2016 New York Motor Show – 2017 Toyota 86

2016 New York Motor Show - 2017 Toyota 86

The Toyota stand at the New York Auto Show saw the début of the 2017 Toyota 86; well, they probably had other vehicles on display, but this is the only thing that got my attention. I’m sorry, but the Yaris, Corolla and Prius model are virtually non-existent to me. As we all know, the Scion FR-S is officially dead; however, the 2017 Toyota 86 seems to occupy said market space quite well, wouldn’t you agree?

About four years ago, the boxer-engined trio comprised of the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86 started production. I’m not sure which do you prefer, and why, but the facelifted Toyota looks cooler than ever. The refreshed exterior looks show off an aggressive front fascia, a new bumper, grille, headlights, and so on. The 2-door sports car looks equally fresh on the inside, where a soft-touch material – dubbed Grandlux – awaits passengers. The new upholstery features silver stitching, while a sports steering wheel, and bigger paddle shifters are also part of the package.

The 2.0-liter boxer engine was mated to 6-speed automatic, something that instantly makes me think ‘wrong!’. It looks fast, Toyota advertises the vehicle as a sports car, and everyone decides an automatic gearbox is the best choice? Let’s get serious! The 4U-GSE engine is fitting for some heel-and-toe magic and human factor in the choosing of the gears. The engine has been slightly updated, which is why it now develops 205 hp and 156 lb-ft (211 Nm) of torque. honestly, I was expecting more than that, but I guess now the automatic makes sense. I’m not sure about that ‘sports car’ definition, though. There’s already a second-generation 2017 Toyota 86 planned, so let’s hope they don’t spoil that one, as well!

2016 New York Motor Show - 2017 Toyota 86