2016 Geneva Motor Show – Smart Fortwo by Brabus

2016 Geneva Motor Show - Smart Fortwo by Brabus

To me, small cars are funny and worth thrashing around; beyond that, I do not understand their purpose. The Smart ForTwo is somewhat of an expensive toy, meant for urban living; however, its short wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive and firm suspensions might make this a possible fun machine – if you were to ignore the lack of power coming out the 1.0-liter naturally aspirated engine or 0.9-liter turbo.

BRABUS, oddly, have shown interest; their name is attached to a limited-edition Smart ForTwo Cabrio BRABUS edition 200 units will be available in dealerships starting this May, starting off at €29,950 ($32,670). That’s a pretty penny, some would say, and you should be aware of what that kind of money will get you.

That BRABUS badge brings the same 0.9-liter turbo engine to the table, developing the standard 90 hp, as well as the same dual-clutch twinamic six-speed automatic transmission. However, a larger fuel tank has been fitted, with means this vehicle will be slower once you fill it up. Standard features include a matte light blue paint, a special interior with faux-leather inserts on the seats and dashboard, heated seats, the LED & Sensor package, Comfort package, Stowage Space package and Cool & Media Package.

BRABUS wants us to focus our attention on their new Sports package, an upgrade designed to cost €1,900 ($2,072) for the ForTwo and €2,000 ($2,181) for the ForFour. A series of aesthetic and performance upgrades includes a BRABUS sports suspension, thus lowering the ride height by 10 mm, a new front spoiler and rear apron, and “Monoblock IX” alloys.

The cabin benefits from a 3-spoke multi-function steering-wheel, wrapped in leather, the same as the shift lever knob and the handbrake lever. The twinamic transmission is completed by a pair of paddle shifters, while the pedals received stainless steel, with rubber studs treatment. The limited BRABUS ForTwo is way too expensive for my taste; but it’s not the price-tag that’s relevant. We love powerful and stunning machines, which is why we’re willing to play incredible amounts of money to own them – take the Chiron, for example. But I’m lacking the understanding abilities when it comes to the purpose of this machine, even if touched by the BRABUS team.

2016 Geneva Motor Show - Smart Fortwo by Brabus